Cool Gray Classic Crew Neck Sweatsuit

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Here's a classic sweatsuit that can last forever.

Our StarrOfTheShow NewYork sweatsuit is cozy for a chill day but quality enough to wear to a special occasion. Our minimalistic approach with our logo placements give you a clean aesthetic that can translate in any room.

This is the epitome of Luxury streetwear.

Made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for product shipment and delivery.

Design Specs
Gray Puff Print

Logos -
StarrOfTheShow NewYork - Front chest
Star logo - Left leg Pocket
StarrOfTheShow NewYork - Right leg
Star logo - Left Wrist

Garment -
Crew neck 400 gsm Heavy Weight Organic Cotton
Sweatpants 400 gsm Heavy Weight Organic Cotton


Model info
150 pounds
Wearing Small



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