About Us


StarrOfTheShow NewYork infuses the grit of the city as the blueprint for their innovative fashion forward designs. Every collection mirrors the city's beautiful architecture and culture. This luxury brand focuses on quality while remaining true to the soul and heart of the pulsating city. No detail goes unnoticed in a StarrOfTheShow piece, from the original designs to the demure details and production. Every part is designed to be an experience that displays the true essence of the culture. From the graffiti filled walls in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to luxuriously decorated windows on Fifth avenue in Manhattan. StarrOfTheShow NewYork aspires to give a voice to those who pay attention to detail, yet find luxury in simplicity. The innovators, art lovers and dreamers whose aesthetic and aura keeps them amongst the authentic and popular. 

StarrOfTheShow NewYork represents quality and our mission is to provide luxurious simplicity to its consumers.


" I've built a special brand that was made to motivate, inspire and embrace people. I want my customer feel like a superstar when they wear our bucket hat. I want them to feel a sense of pride when they wear a NYish Snapback, and I want them to feel the most successful when they wear a black millionaire tshirt. Each collection I design will have deep meaning that can translate across the world. Each piece can be perceived many different ways, like art." 
                                                                                                                                                        - Starr Byrdsong


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